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The world of online casinos is constantly changing, and one of the newest and most popular trends in the industry is that of gamification. Gamification is the practice of implementing game-like attributes like leaderboards, high scores, badges, and medals to non-game environments such as online casinos. This is occurring in order to keep attention and increase engagement for those participating, and it seems to be working as more and more gamified casinos are popping up every day. So what is a casino gamification? Keep on reading and learn more!

What Different Types of Gamification Casino Are There?

Gamification seeks to engage players more completely and keep them coming back for more. Online casino strategists implement gamification in several different ways, but the following are some of the most common.

• Leaderboards
Leaderboards can instantly spur on the competitive side of any gambler. It encourages players to keep playing more, so they can be the best and brag to all their friends. This online casino strategy tugs at the innate human emotion of pride and has proven to be a very successful tactic for many gamified casinos.

• Loyalty Points
Loyalty Points in online casinos with real money work very similarly to loyalty programs at airlines or hotels: the more you use it, the more you win. This strategy is a very clear tactic to get people to play more, and it’s no surprise that it is one of the most popular forms of gamification used at online casinos.

• Missions
Missions give gameplay a sense of adventure and bring things more into the realm of video games. By giving activities in online casinos an end goal, it encourages participants to play through the end, possibly more than they would have without being on a mission. Especially it is extremely common in online slots machines.

What Can You Expect from a Gamification Casino?

Casino gamification has greatly improved the online gambling experience for many, making it more fun and exciting as well as more rewarding. Many gamified casinos offer a nice deposit bonus and rewards that won’t be found at other sites. One way that bonuses are accrued is through accumulating free spins, cashback, matched bonus or other items specific to certain sites.

In addition, gamified casinos allow for the possibility of incremental and escalated earnings. Incremental earnings mean you may not be rewarded every time you play but rather for playing a certain number of times. Incremental earnings generally result in escalated earnings as well, meaning a gambler may earn exponentially more the more that they play.

Best Gamified Casinos

It seems like a new gamification casino pops up every day, but here are some of the most popular and highly rated that are currently on the market.

• Cashino
Cashino offers a stellar welcome bonus as well as numerous different cashback bonuses, making it one of the most popular online casinos in the UK.

• Karamba
This online casino has a very popular bonus system that is always changing to keep gamblers engaged and entertained.

• 777 Casino
777 offers a wholesome welcome bonus in addition to several promotions that allow users to earn free spins and other fruitful bonuses.

How to Play at Gamification Casinos?

Generally, to play casino online, it requires gamblers to sign-up and create a profile. Gamified casinos are no different, and this aspect actually becomes more important. A player’s status and participation are documented through their profile, allowing the casinos to keep track of how much people play and give out the proper awards.

Final Thoughts

In summary, casino gamification is a strategy that benefits both casinos and players, allowing both to profit. Players find the overall experience of playing casino games more fun and rewarding while casinos garner better participation and loyalty over time. For now, online casino gamification is here to stay, which should be cause for celebration for all.

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Updated Date 04/05/2020

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